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A combi sauna is also sometimes called a hybrid sauna.
A traditional sauna heater and one or more infrared heaters are placed in one room.
This gives you the opportunity to enjoy both worlds in a limited space.

1 or 2

You can use both independently. But it is more fun to combine them. Set the sauna heater to a low temperature to enjoy the pleasant effect of the Full Spectrum infrared heaters at a pleasant temperature.

Your preference

Or enjoy the infrared radiation for a short while during the heating-up period of the traditional oven. You can of course also opt for a traditional sauna heater with built-in evaporator. This type of sauna heater allows you to automatically increase the humidity in your sauna without pouring water on the stones yourself, thanks to the built-in water reservoir.

Custom made

The smart controls ensure a constant temperature and humidity.

A combination sauna is a popular choice for many people. For a small extra charge compared to the traditional Finnish sauna, you can enjoy blissful infrared heat in the same room.

Finse sauna

Our method in 4 steps


Measure and discuss

Our experts come on site, measure everything and discuss 
your wishes.


3D presentation

A 3D drawing is made of the project to get a realistic picture of your sauna.



Our experts come again
visit you to present the project.


Create and placement

After the purchase, we tailor-make your sauna in our workshop, which we then place at your home at an agreed time.


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The ultimate relaxation starts with the right choice.

Finnish sauna

Warmth up to 80°-100°C..


Radiators provide heat..


Humidity up to 100%.. 


A high humidity..

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