Relaxation starts with the right choice.
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Whatever type of sauna you choose or want to buy, our saunas are always
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Wellness has a different meaning for everyone.
Pure relaxation, recovery from physical exertion or medical reasons.
Whatever it is, there are plenty of options we can use to help you achieve your goal. We at Reindeer ™ ensure that your choice is translated into a beautiful, high-quality space that perfectly matches your personal wishes and experience.

Which sauna should you buy?

The ultimate relaxation starts with the right choice.

Finnish sauna

Heat up to 80°-100°C..


Radiators provide warmth..

Combi sauna

Combination Finnish and infra-red..


Sauna with high humidity...

Buying a Finnish sauna?

In a traditional Finnish sauna, the air in the room is heated to 80-100 ° C with a heater. If desired, pour water over the sauna stones to temporarily increase the humidity.
The hot air makes you sweat. The heat causes the pores to open, allowing dirt and sebum to leave the skin more easily. The skin is, as it were, cleansed from within. You stimulate by alternating from warm to cold the circulatory system.
This contributes to smoother skin. Other studies indicate that regular use of the sauna can improve your night's sleep.

Reindeer. That's pure..                     

Buying an infra-red sauna?

Although one heat is not the other heat, heat is good for a person. This has to do with the way the heat is transferred. This can be done via direct contact, via radiation or via an intermediate medium such as water or air.
The "normal", traditional sauna and the long-wave infrared cabin work on the principle of an intermediate medium, namely air. By heating the air you will perspire and harmful substances are removed from your body. Our infrared cabins are mainly chosen for their invigorating and relaxing effect. An infrared cabin cleans and cares for the skin, stimulates blood circulation, calms the nerves, removes waste products and strengthens the system.

Reindeer Saunas,
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Buying a combination sauna?

A combi sauna is also sometimes called a hybrid sauna. A traditional sauna heater and one or more infrared heaters are placed in one room.
This gives you the opportunity to enjoy both worlds in a limited space. You can use both independently. But it is more fun to combine them.
Set the sauna heater to a low temperature to enjoy the pleasant effect of the Full Spectrum infrared heaters at a pleasant temperature. Or enjoy the infrared radiation for a short while during the heating-up period of the traditional oven.

Choosing for Reindeer saunas

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Choosing Reindeer means choosing quality.

In our workshop we only work with the best types of wood and materials, always with an eye for detail.


Knowledge & Experience

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Buying a softsauna?

A soft sauna, wet sauna or bio sauna uses lower temperatures and higher humidity. In a soft sauna the temperatures are usually 50-60 ° C and the humidity 60-80%. The air feels softer and therefore less sharp than in a Finnish sauna with high & dry temperatures. The high humidity, whether or not in combination with aromas, can help with a cold by opening the airways again.

Why by a custom made sauna?

When you choose a custom sauna, you are buying a long-term investment in your personal well-being. An investment that you want to make the most of, and rightly so.

It goes without saying that the sauna you buy also 100% meets your wishes and expectations. A sauna is often provided last in new construction projects, placed in a room for children who have left the house, in a bathroom that is being renovated, an attic with a sloping roof that is transformed into a relaxation area, a pool house that is optimally must be exploited, and so on.

A tailor-made sauna is therefore the ideal solution because you are not bound to a number of models, to fixed dimensions or materials. Because sloping roofs of an attic are not always 35 ° or 45 °, a custom sauna can be integrated perfectly. With a size sauna you choose, if technically possible, how your dream sauna will look like.

Nothing is pre-made and you are not bound by certain standards, so with a custom sauna you can literally determine to the centimeter what dimensions it will be.

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Outside dimensions sauna

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3D presentation

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Create and placement

After the purchase, we tailor-make your sauna in our workshop, which we then place at your home at an agreed time.

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