We have proudly been manufacturing and selling saunas for over 10 years
that spark the imagination.

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Which sauna should you buy?

The ultimate relaxation starts with the right choice.

Finnish sauna

Heat up to 80°-100°C..


Radiators provide warmth..

Combi sauna

Combination Finnish and infra-red..


Sauna with high humidity...

Choosing for reindeer saunas

That's choosing for..



Choosing Reindeer means choosing quality.

In our workshop we only work with the best types of wood and materials, always with an eye for detail.


Knowledge & Experience

Let us advise you personally
by our experienced experts.

We are happy to assist you with our knowledge and honest advice.



Enjoy carefree with up to
10 year warranty.

This warranty applies to all our saunas.


Reindeer saunas is your point of contact for all your questions. 

We are happy to help you.

Why by a custom made sauna?

When you choose a custom sauna, you are buying a long-term investment in your personal well-being. An investment that you want to make the most of, and rightly so.

It goes without saying that the sauna you buy also 100% meets your wishes and expectations. A sauna is often provided last in new construction projects, placed in a room for children who have left the house, in a bathroom that is being renovated, an attic with a sloping roof that is transformed into a relaxation area, a pool house that is optimally must be exploited, and so on.

A tailor-made sauna is therefore the ideal solution because you are not bound to a number of models, to fixed dimensions or materials. Because sloping roofs of an attic are not always 35 ° or 45 °, a custom sauna can be integrated perfectly. With a size sauna you choose, if technically possible, how your dream sauna will look like.

Nothing is pre-made and you are not bound by certain standards, so with a custom sauna you can literally determine to the centimeter what dimensions it will be.

wood Verwerking
Reindeer. That's pure..                     

About Reindeer

For over 10 years, we have proudly been producing and selling wellness that appeals to the imagination. We fully comply with your wishes and that is what makes us unique.
We are not bound by standard sizes and / or designs and that is why we defy your and our imagination every day. Our projects are real gems.

They are always made in our own workshop and with an eye for the smallest detail.
We set high standards for ourselves, but also for the materials used.
Only the best is good enough for your Reindeer ™!

Wellness with a soul can only be obtained thanks to a team full of passion.
Passion for their profession, but also for you!
In short, a team that I am rightly proud of.
Welcome to our house.

Since 2020, Reindeer saunas has been a proud member of the Finnish Sauna Association


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